🔸The first assembly of Nikoosoda Iranian Company took place on July 30, 2023, gathering esteemed transportation employees. The event transpired in the presence of the honorable Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Mohammad Hassan Nazari, and the esteemed board member and company CEO, Mr. Vahid Shekarlou, alongside a group of deputies and respected managers in the ceremonial hall’s conference hall


🔸According to the public relations report from Nikoosoda Iranian Company, this meeting served as an occasion to express appreciation and gratitude to all esteemed transportation colleagues for their comprehensive collaboration. Discussions and the exchange of opinions were actively pursued.

🔸Continuing with the meeting, the esteemed board member and CEO conveyed satisfaction and appreciation for the work processes and valuable cooperation of the company’s transportation employees. As a token of gratitude, valuable gifts were presented to them at the conclusion of the gathering.