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Introduction to Nikoosoda Iranian Company

Nikoosoda Iranian Company, backed by almost two decades of commendable engagement in delivering specialized and professional services to both domestic and international companies, operates proudly as a leading and distinguished entity in our beloved country. The company’s expertise spans various areas, including air and ground catering, employee transportation services, the supply of human resources, provision of industrial forklifts in various quantities and tonnages, as well as facilitating buying and selling services and the import and export of permitted commercial goods. This operation is grounded in a profound belief in providing valuable and effective services, leveraging the knowledge and experience of a dynamic and skilled workforce.

How does Nikoosoda Iranian Company operate?

Nikoosoda Iranian Company has established a platform that facilitates ongoing and effective collaboration with various companies worldwide. Acting as a bridge between Iran and neighboring countries, Nikoosoda Iranian Company plays a pivotal role in fostering international connections.


Air Catering

The enjoyment of food and the exploration of new flavors consistently form an engaging and thrilling aspect of the air travel experience. The quality of meal service plays a crucial role in determining the satisfaction of airline passengers, making air catering one of the most critical components in the airline industry. The management team at Nikoosoda Iranian Company, drawing on 20 years of expertise and experience in the Iranian airline catering sector, is dedicated to delivering valuable and effective services in the aviation realm. Leveraging their extensive knowledge, they are committed to providing you with an enjoyable and memorable flight experience. Special attention is given to every detail, from the selection of raw materials to the visual and taste design of the food, all presented with a unique passion to create a pleasant and memorable flight experience.


Ground Catering

cooking ground food. From the project's initiation, the company ensures the establishment of all necessary equipment, software platforms, and systems to facilitate daily workflow, ensure timely production, maintain food safety, and deliver meals promptly in the shortest possible time. What sets Nikoosoda Iranian Company apart from its competitors in the realm of corporate food preparation are several distinctive factors. These include a commitment to guaranteeing food quality and continuous quality control, offering a diverse menu to cater to various tastes, personalizing the food basket according to the needs of organizations and businesses, and providing services to a wide array of businesses and organizations. Notable collaborations in ground catering include partnerships with Karaj University of Agriculture, Novo Nordisk Pharmaceuticals, and well-known entities such as Nestlé, Henkel, and Behnoosh, among others.



Nikoosoda Iranian Company stands out as a provider of professional transportation services for employees across the country, utilizing various vehicles such as buses, minibusses, vans, and rides. The company is dedicated to employing the most experienced and skilled drivers in its transportation fleet, catering to the employee transportation needs of companies, factories, hospitals, and both public and private institutions.



The evolution of industrial technology has prompted companies to seek tools and equipment that simplify processes and enhance work efficiency, especially in moving heavy equipment. Among the fundamental tools for such tasks, forklifts stand out as essential, particularly for moving heavy objects. The forklift leasing agreement has become one of the pivotal contracts that has significantly expanded with the growth of the industry, both domestically and internationally. As a result, Nikoosoda Iranian Company is prepared to offer forklift services, catering to various weights and heavy machinery requirements for diverse organizations. A noteworthy achievement in this domain is the collaboration with Tolou Pakhsh Aftab company, involving the provision of 6 forklifts.

فضای سبز

Green space maintenance

Given the unique and delicate characteristics associated with preserving green spaces, along with their environmental significance and positive impact on both work and personal life, Nikoosoda Iranian Company stands prepared to offer the mentioned services to public and private organizations. Utilizing advanced machinery, the company aims to bring green visions to life. A notable accomplishment in this domain includes collaboration with Nestlé.

مشاوره آشپزخانه

Industrial kitchen design

Nikoosoda Iranian Company, drawing on technical knowledge, operational experience, and an efficient, expert team in the realm of catering design and setup, offers comprehensive services to its clients from the initial stages. With a fresh perspective on consulting, designing, constructing, and outfitting industrial kitchens, the company takes a pioneering approach. Leveraging its experience in equipping both air and ground catering facilities for industry clients, the company has played a role in the economic development of this sector, concurrently providing significant cost reductions for employers and customers prior to launching a facility. Our specialization encompasses consulting, cost estimation, setup, equipment provision, decoration, standardization, training, and the creation of new and unique menus.

Human Resource Supply Services

In the contemporary era, the provision of human resources, serving as the overseer of planning, organizing, guiding and leading, monitoring, and controlling, plays a pivotal role in advancing the noble objectives of any organization. One of the foremost concerns for both public and private organizations is securing committed and well-trained human resources. In this context, Nikoosoda Iranian Company, drawing on years of experience in offering human resource services for various positions under volume and management contracts, possesses the capability to supply proficient individuals with the requisite skills and training across diverse fields to governmental and non-governmental organizations as well as companies. Notable collaborations in the human resources sector include partnerships with Nestlé, BAT, Mayr-Melnhof, and other companies.

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